Skywalker OG is renowned as some of the best night-time medication on the planet. The buds are most similar to its’ Jedi brethren, Yoda OG, in both taste and aroma. Skywalker OG lineage can be traced to (Blueberry x Mazer) and OG Kush.

The aroma of Skywalker OG is incredibly inviting and very piney, presumably from the OG Kush. The buds are dense and well-decorated with trichomes. On the inhale, the Skywalker OG coats your mouth (as most OGs do) with smooth smoke. On the exhale, it enhances the pine taste in your mouth and will linger there for the indefinite future, leaving you feeling generally pleased about it. The perfect strain of medicine to use in the case of insomnia or those late night smoke sessions.

Skywalker OG leaves you with a nice, prolonged body-melt to ease any ailments or chronic pain. Strong couch-lock and sleep inducer so medicate when appropriate. Almost always a fan of OG strains… and this strain did not disappoint. A+ smell, taste, and medical benefits.