Since our humble beginnings Trikom Treats was the edible baking company we decided to carry. In those early days so many unqualified, so called, Cannabis Bakers rushed into the MMJ industry for the “heard about fortunes” they would never make. “We still sit around and reminisce of these, bakers, sales people, company owners or whomever they were , come by and leave us boxes and boxes of baked goods, candy’s, ice cream, pizza, etc…,” says Chris,’s Patient Relations Director. He goes on to say the decision making process behind choosing the edibles that would best fit the Collective’s Members was easy. “The list we held clinched in our hands read something like this.

1. Must come from a reliable kitchen.
2. Must taste yummy and not like cannabis.
3. Must look yummy.
4. Must have a diverse selection of products.
5. Must be packaged professionally. (very important to us)
6. Must have an affordable donation amount.

Trikom Treats won hands down. Everyone thought that wrapping a brownie in clear stretchy plastic was the way to go but we didn’t even get into those Cannabis laced products. I know some might have been great but we were looking for packaging and if it had no professionalism outside, we didn’t care to even try it on the inside. Something like that would not be suited for our Collective; it was not what we wanted to carry for our Patients. Trkom Treats met every criteria, they were an instant success and have been consistent bakers since the first order they handed us. Our Collective members love this inexpensive Medicine with many choices to pick from; it makes your mouth water when you see them.” I recommends to throw them in your microwave for 10-15 seconds and then, wala… Fresh Cannabis infused, baked goods!!!