The White OG is a Hybrid (Sativa dominant). We at MyGreenFast consider this Flower to be the MONA LISA of Medical Marijuana Flowers. The Genetics are White Widow crossed with an extremely potent OG Kush. The Flower looks frosty as any bud you have ever witnessed, sticky and dense. The smell is a standard kush scent but also carries a citrus sweet twist along…. It’s taste is the same as the smell and smooth sweet exhale.

The White OG is a mostly uplifting and alert cerebral high. Very little body hi or couch lock. Works well when used for helping those who need to regain an appetite and get energetic throughout the day. After a medicating session of a few good rips the medicine will last about 2 1/2 hours.

Overall this strain has quickly jumped up on the list of many Patients medicine cabinets. It has been rated one of the favorite strains as of late and it flies off our shelves every time it is harvested… We highly recommend it!!!