Bright emerald green with your typical little popcorn OG nugs. It appears fluffy to look at but was fairly dense. Lots of trichs. It’s a frosty top that’s for sure super appealing to the eyes. Lots of glittering orange hairs that strangle the green buds. The hairs are light and fluffy, sticking out everywhere. Busting this bud open made it snow. The tops of some of these buds had an off purple that was almost a blue, which reminded me of ice. Probably one of the prettiest buds I’ve seen in a while, to say the least. Smell was that OG stinging, coffee odor. Followed closely with a whiff of lemons and citrus, sweet and tangy. It smells tasty, like I could maybe want to make some sort of sour chewy candy with it. Sour Lemon OG has a sharp OG smoke that bites the lungs, but only for a second. This OG was quickly followed by the delightful “kush” taste and the lemon citrus on exhale. Probably one of the tastier batches of weed out there, it is just a real great smoke. A little bite with a soothing citrus. Buzz Type: Heavy indica buzz type, really hits your head. We smoke a lot of indicas, so I am used to it, but for anyone else you’re not going to be doing much while your baked off of this. I find myself standing there just thinking off into space for a good while, and catch myself and have to figure out what I was about to do. It’s your punch in the head kush.