An amazing secret strain blended Shatter Glass, blown exclusively by WCC for YOUR Exclusive donation by Membership ONLY of We are proud to be one of the only Collectives in California that work hand in hand with West Coast Cures to consistently come up with the strongest, concentrated cannabis medicines, available today.

This is an art that begins from the early stages of vegitation when growing Medicinal Marijuana Flowers. The process then takes shape once the Bloom stage of the Strain is finished and the plants are hung for drying and curing. Whether utilizing Trim or Nug, the most important step of assuring an excellent, Top Shelf Concentrate is at this stage.

Becoming an expert at freshness, drying, curing, sorting and excluding any yellow plant matter is key to the consistency in carrying MyGreenFast potency results. Our Team of Farmers went thru a vigurous educational process led by WCC expert Blowers to make sure our Team understood the importance of things average Farmers might overlook. The result… Consistency in blowing 90%+ Total Cannabanoids in both, Wax and Shatter Glass!!!