Our Kiwi Kief is made up off the small crystals that cover an extremely potent and exclusive Island marijuana strain. Our Kief comes off the marijuana plants leaves after being harvested, while the Flowers are being trimmed over a stainless steal mesh screen. Patients commonly sprinkle this Concentrate on top of cannabis in bowls, bongs, blunts and joints due to its high THC potency. One thing that is certain about kief is that it has higher levels of THC than marijuana alone.

Kief or keef also comes from the Arabic word kayf meaning well-being or pleasure .

Marijuana is commonly broken up and rolled into a joint or blunt. But when broken-up with your hands you are actually losing valuable kief, which can stick to your fingers due to finger oil. If, however, the marijuana is broken-up with a grinder, the valuable kief that you would have lost will be safely stored at the bottom of your grinder.

For those who like to smoke as little as possible to minimize health risks and still want the desirable effects of marijuana, smoking or consuming kief may be one of the best options. Because kief is concentrated THC, you need to smoke very little to obtain the desired effects.