Widely regarded as the most potent of the OG strains, Fire OG Kush delivers some of the most frosted buds known to the medical marijuana community. Pristinely crossed with the original OG Kush strain and the F2 hybrid, San Fernando Valley OG Kush, Raskals OG has truly gifted the MMJ industry with one of the best medicinal strains around.

These buds look like snow-covered mountains with dancing flames of wildfire sparsely strewn about the foliage. Prepare to be highly medicated – no pun intended – for up to 3 hours (depending on tolerance) when you blaze with Fire OG Kush. This strain is not intended for new or slightly inexperienced users and can cause severe couch-lock in these types of patients. For the average smoker, this bud will serve well as either an afternoon or evening medication, great for pain relief, those suffering from severe panic attacks, anorexia and more. This bud is straight fire.