Genetics: Cheese X Romulan X Cindy 99. Type: Hybrid Sativa Dominant – 60% Sativa / 40% Indica. Looks: Loaded with crystals. Darker green bud with bright orange hair. Super sticky. A few random nugs had a blueish purple leaves. Very gooey and sticky, even when the outside is bone dry. Smell: Super unique and delicious smell.. Smells like a pungent cherry cheese cake slice with a hint of non burnt fuel, earth, clay, and a dash of sour. Slight dash of haze. Taste: Very earthy, clay like, perfumey inhale with a sort of perfumey exhale, very similar to kush and very piney, fruity, kush, spicey, earthy taste. Smells like it is , packing a cherry earthy cheese like flavor with a smooth exhale. Effects: Day or night time use. Small amounts gives off the perfect sativa medicinal effects. In larger amounts it felt like a heavy indica. Very potent medicine and well rounded effects! Faded without the munchies or being couchlocked.