Cannatonic has genetics consisting of MK Ultra (a ridiculous heavy Indica) and G-13. Grows and hits you like an Indica strain would, but smells and tastes like most popular hazy Sativa strains. Cannatonic is one of the highest tested CBD strains left in the world today; this one was lab tested at a shocking 14.3% CBD.

You see, in California there are delivery services that actually deliver the bud up to your doorstep, like its a pizza delivery. It is vitally important for patients that have limited access to transportation or a reliable provider. It’s especially important for those patients who cannot physically leave their house to get their medication. It is extremely important we fight to protect delivery services if we wish to keep all patients on a level playing field when it comes to getting their medication.

While it has a slightly piney lemon aroma to it, the buds looks really unique with the brownish tint bringing back memories of smoking dirt weed long ago. Thankfully the taste and effects are better than the looks it was blessed with.

Known to test extremely high in CBD %, cannatonic is one of the rare strains that performs well on CBD testing, it consistantly performs well. For those of you who don’t know much about CBD or its medicinal benefits, you should definitely read this.

Overall, Cannatonic brought back memories of Jack Herer with more of a body-melt which still makes it a very good piece of medicine. It’s recommended by many to use this as a daytime or wake and bake strain since you can medicate all day long without feeling bogged down…